Scheme Name :- Scheme for 'Building Awareness on Intellectual Property Rights' (IPR) for the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises- an NMCP Scheme

Objective and Brief Description

The scheme aims at sensitizing and enhancing awareness about Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in MSMEs. For this purpose, activities like awareness programs, skill development training, grant of patent - trademark etc are conducted.

Who can apply?

  • Registered MSME Units
  • MSME organizations -like Industry Association, societies, Cooperatives, Firms, Trusts, NGOs, institutions and universities with a track record of assisting MSMEs
  • Competent Agencies- like Consultancy Organizations, Research Institutes, Individual Experts or Agencies having Sound Technical and Financial Capabilities to Conduct Pilot Studies with at least Five Years of Previous Experience
  • Expert Agencies -like TIFAC, Patent Facilitation Centre, NRDC, Indian Patent Office, Registrar of Trademark, Registrar of Geographical Indication, D.B.T., Registrar of Copyright, MoHRD, NIIPM, IITs, Law Schools, Patent Attorneys, Individual IPR Expert, WIPO, EU-TIDP, USPTO, KIPO/KIPA, IIFT, DIT, MoEF, Ministry of MSME, DSIR and other such Bodies
  • Quasi-Government or Government Aided Bodies
  • Private Units Provided it is Sponsored by MSME Industry Associations

What is funded?

Funding support for

  • Conducting Awareness/ Sensitization Programmes on IPR (Applicants –MSME organizations and expert agencies)
  • Conducting Pilot Studies for Selected Clusters/Groups of Industries (Applicants –MSME organizations, competent agencies and expert agencies)
  • Funding support for conducting Interactive Seminars/Workshops (Applicants –MSME organizations and expert agencies)
  • Funding support for conducting Specialized Training on IPR (Applicants –Expert agencies)
  • Funding support for Assistance for Grant on Patent/GI Registration(Applicants –MSME units and MSME organizations)
  • Funding support for Setting up of ‘IP Facilitation Centre for MSME(Applicants –MSME organizations and IPR facilitating agencies)
  • Funding support for organizing interaction with International Agencies (Applicants –MSME organizations and IPR facilitating agencies)

Extent of Funding Support

  • GoI assistance of 1 lakh per awareness program will be provided
  • GoI assistance of 2.5 lakh per pilot study will be provided
  • GoI assistance of 2 lakh per program of interactive seminar will be provided
  • GoI assistance of 6 lakh per short term training programme and 45 lakh per long term training programme will be provided
  • Registered Indian MSME will be provided one-time financial support limited up to Rs. 25,000/- for on grant of domestic patent and Rs. 2.00 lakh for foreign patent. For registering under the Geographical Indications of Goods Act, one time financial support will be limited up to Rs. 1.00 lakh.
  • GoI will provide a total financial support up to Rs. 65.00 lakh each for establishing IP Facilitation centres, which will include one-time grant of Rs. 45.00 lakh and Rs. 18.00 lakh as recurring expenses for 3 years , Rs 2 lakhs will be provided as miscellaneous charges
  • The Government of India will provide financial support up to Rs. 5.00 lakh and Rs. 7.50 per event for domestic intervention and International Exchange Programme respectively

Application procedure

Application forms for each of the components mentioned above are given with the scheme guidelines ( ), you can download the application form from there and send it to the nearest MSME-DI


A Steering Committee is constituted to ensure the proper functioning of the scheme.
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