Scheme Name :- Scheme of Surveys, Studies and Policy Research

Objective and Brief Description

The main objectives of this scheme and successive programs is to regularly/periodically collect relevant and reliable data on various aspects and features of MSMEs and challenges faced by them and use the results of these surveys and analytical studies for policy research and designing appropriate strategies and measures of intervention by the Government for MSMEs,

Who can apply?

A panels of expert/academic/research/professional organizations /institutions (hereafter referred to as “institution(s)”) of repute and associations/federations of MSME, will be formed and invited to undertake the proposed surveys, studies, etc by steering committee

What is funded?

  • Submission of the draft report
  • Submission of the final report

Extent of Funding Support

Scheme is RFP based, quotation will be invited

  • First installment: 40 per cent of the fees on signing of the agreement.
  • Second installment: 35 per cent, subject to (a) submission of the draft report
  • (iii) Third and final installment: balance 25 per cent on submission of the final report

The programs are conducted and monitored by Steering Committee headed by the Secretary, Ministry of Small Scale Industries (SSI) and Ministry of Agro and Rural Industries (ARI), institution for empanelment will be invited through RFP, for more information on the scheme visit:

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