About Us

APEX CLUSTER DEVELOPMENT SERVICES PVT LTD (ACDS) also known as Clusterkraft is a Delhi based consultancy firm which work towards the objective of MSME cluster empowerment through Local Economic Development techniques.

Founded in 2004 with the objective of MSME empowerment through Local Economic Development techniques, the company's key role is to increase awareness in the area of the challenges faced by MSME clusters and suitably capacitate them to face the challenges and to overcome the pressure points. Having a rich experience of UNIDO's Cluster Development Programme and closely working with MSMEs for about 20 years the promoters of ACDS uniquely proposed the idea and hence lead to the foundation of Clusterkraft. In the past few years, Clusterkraft has emerged as an expert Cluster Development Research and Consultancy Organization.

The composition of the company's human resources is suitably designed to address challenges of MSMEs. Our manpower pool, consists of ex-UNIDO Cluster Experts, Ex-Bankers, MBAs, Economists, Financial Analysts, Cost Accountants, Engineers, and Social Scientists who have not only worked with MSMEs on research and implementation issues but also have experience at grassroot level with MSME’s Cluster Development Programmes. The experience of action research is highly beneficial for regional, national and international policy makers.

ACDS is well recognised in the Indian MSME domain and has the capacity to reach out to about one lakh MSMEs in a very short span of time. To manage large and complex knowledge environment professionally, the company leverages on the Information and Communication Tools (ICT). There is an in house MIS system connecting all field offices. The reports from action to research are automated for the immediate feedback and correction. Customization and documentation are company's core strength. ACDS is well represented at major MSME locations within India like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, U.P., Punjab and NCR with head office in New Delhi.

There is special focus on cluster development techniques through the implementation and utilization of global benchmarks. This includes re-orientation and promotion of Business Development Services (BDS) to MSME clusters and their integration with cluster development forces. The major tools used to achieve this are awareness generation, training, advocacy, breaking of isolation of cluster based MSMEs' and most importantly, forging synergic growth processes of the cluster with that of the sectoral global changes.