ACDS Conducted Diagnostic Study of Hoshiarpur Tractor Cluster

Feb 2013

Hoshiarpur District is located in the North-east pat of Indian State of Punjab, Hoshiarpur district has industries in various sector, including Tractor and tractor parts manufacturing, Auto Parts, Cotton Thread, Pressure Cookers, Filament Yarn, Steel Wire & Rope, Polyester Oriented Yarn, Casting, Sugar Paper, Trousers & Jeans, Zips, Suiting Shirting Cloth Etc . ACDS conducted diagnostic Study of Hoshiarpur Tractor Cluster. The main objective of the diagnostic study was to conduct an on-site analysis of the business dynamics and need assessment of Tractor Components SME cluster at Hoshiarpur with a view to doing its gap analysis in order to work out an action plan to enhance the cluster competitiveness. Besides ascertaining the current level of Hard and soft intervention gaps.